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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jezabelle & Lucy Fur

Exercise Program for Jan 22, 2009
1. Enter Pen
2. Speak softly and approach slowly
3. Duck and retreat
4. Make a grab for flying fur or one of 4 sharp hooves vaulting over your head
5. Trip over water bucket you brought in with you
6. Fall Down
7. Find your Glasses and swear

9. Start over with Step 1
10. Do that until step 6 results in full tackle catch (this takes at least 10 times)

11. Hold on with both hands and feet
12. Soothe, sing, pet and hum until there is no more pole vaulting over your head(do all this while gritting teeth)

13. Name this will be a sort of exorcism

Jezabelle and Lucy Fur
Newest additions and lesson in restraint
*note Fat grams intake today was eradicated with evening exercise


  1. I believe a video of this exercise .... put to music, would offer much appreciated entertainment

  2. I agree with PKC, I'd like a video please!