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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday - Day 8

Granddaughter arrived late afternoon on Saturday and spent the night.

She is the exercise program! No rest for anyone when the blonde haired entertainer arrives.

She laughs continuously and is in a constant state of motion. 7 years old ...if you could only put that in a pill.

My biggest challenge was having the traditional Sat or Sunday afternoon(when its cold out) cooking session. She likes to sit on the counter and help with any fun recipe we can come up with. Usually cookies or doughnuts and this was my biggest test so far. Cake doughnuts!!
I had 1 and no ill effects. Nothing...really should of had some consequences but none ....but they were so very very tiny?!!!

Taking her to the museum today and walk about..and ..I am making the rest of the kids attend too, now that will be the Test!!

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