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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 4!!!

Feeling extremely well!! Of course this is a very historical day though, I made it to day 4!!

and of course the tide is turning

But, not to distract from my attempt at shaving off a few needed pounds, I remain focused.

Still no treatment effects! Wonder if this pill is really a pill??!!

Then again, I have great respect for all those before me that have used and reported on this Diet Aid. It has instilled the fear necesary to stick to the plan. User comments on this pill are hysterically frightening if you do not follow the plan. With that in mind I remain close to Doodyland and keep a watchful eye on occupancy.

Breakfast will need to change and Blueberry Special K again and juice.
A little more exploration on hot breakfast for tomorrow.

Diet Buddy needs a blog! This is helping to journal and stay honest with the endeavor.

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