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Friday, January 30, 2009

14 Days and Counting

Early afternoon now as I had many errands and appts to start my day keeping me from doing a morning post.
Now settling into work. After having a nice office brunch and keeping my count to a very acceptable range, I am looking forward to this weekend with real determination.

Last weekend, I was a little afraid of temptations, but this weekend I feel (pretty) confident. I won't say Totally confident yet, as I have many pounds to go.
Sounds like dear Sis is doing great. I on the other hand have had that trusty little pill reminding me to stay faithful to the menu. I know it is an aid for me but Sis is all willpower and stubborn in her diet technique. We will both be happy when we are drinking Darjeelings and having our Cabana boys by the pool waving those cute little fronds over our heads, resting at some island getaway. We will deserve one nice reward after this!!

I also posted a Postive comment on the alli blog for comments. This pill gets a bad wrap!!

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