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Monday, January 26, 2009

Nine- Ten ,,Big Fat Hen

Mouth watering with that one....Ok...Made it past the weekend and all is well!

No bad failings and weight is still in the losing it area.

Back to work keeps a body from the kitchen and one note to self that if you do eat something too greasy or Fat loaded I notice a feeling of heaviness in chest.
Not true discomfort but makes a person need to burp and it just sits in stomach.

Luckily for the coworkers I still don't have the uncontrollable running to poddy problem and think keeping to the plan makes alot of sense. With just the very small indulgence I have done I imagine that if you had a big fat mayo laden burger it would rest in your throat...and that is the true motivator...pain!

I like this pill more and more and don't know if it is doing the working but in combination with fear and counting fat grams it is. I have eaten the healthiest I ever have in this past week.

I walked to the house from the barn and noticed I was moving alot faster already and my energy level really good..I can not wait until Summer!!

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