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Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Three- Hungry

Very hard before bed to NOT be thinking of something piled high with meat and cheese and mayo and tomatoes and lettuce and the bun perfectly toasted.

Ok,,slobbering now!

As Pooh Bear would say,(funny pun) anyway he would say "There's a rumbly in my Tummy!"

Wasn't so bad, but I think I went over the fat intake last evening by about 4 grams.
Hence the cause...Won't do that again. Scarey punishment!! Could of been alot worse since the surprising part is the fact that there is NO WARNING!!
Nothing to set your bells and whistles to alert you. No cramps, no feeling of urge. What the ...............just thought I needed to go #Uno. Now that makes you better stick to the fat intake!!!!

So,,again with the blueberry Special K and a cup of juice.

Will focus on a nice course of stuffed cabbage and veggies rounded off with a nice serving of Double Fudge Pudding. All lowfat and low on calories.

Work at the office today, not enough excercise here, but am going to clean the rest of the girls pen out tonite. That will give me a good dose of cardio/calorie burn.

Today I am Pumped!!

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