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Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 3-End of Day

Made it!!

Supper was none too soon. Too hungry ...need a little more protein to last the day.

Had half slice of bread and 2 slices of thin roast beef immediately- Less than 3 ounces. Did outside chores for 1 hour and came in.

Ate my supper of chicken ravioli something of Lean Quisine. Added 7 peeled deveined shrimp.
Needed the protein. Still less than 10 gms fat and 350 calories.

Visited with my Diet Buddy aka Sasquatch. Funny story I will explain later...

Still quite comfortable and no internal pressure..actually feeling very good.
No side effects to speak of, hopefully it won't hit me from behind??!!!


  1. Sasquatch!??!?!

    that hurts

    wait a minute ........are you referring to the weight or the fur?

  2. ahh,,,so sensitive my furry little seester