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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Night of Day 5-Yikes

Ok, am waiting for the %$#$ to hit the Fan!! I was rushed to hurry and grab something to snack on in a convenient store. I checked the labels..I turn and behold I see some small bags of peanuts. Now, I sort of remember reading about them being a little high in fat, but such a small package?? I turn them over and I see 2.3 gms fat,,,great!! I buy that and a bottle of Sprite Zero.
Ok,,I am munching and thinking ,,man I like cashews, but I could save part of this bag for later and decide to check the calories closer and other facts. WHAT!! I had only caught the part of the fat that was reading Saturated Fats!! The Whole Fat content was 22grms!! Now I am in trouble, I wonder should I stick my finger down my throat or wait for the inevitable!! This pill really has my attention. So realizing I likely just had my supper, I wait......

A couple hours later, I am doing fine and still on the road and decide OK, I better eat something as we are not going to be home for a couple more hours. Closest Fast Food is Taco Johns, and the best item I could find from my calorie book guide is the Bean Burrito NO Cheese.
So with that said, Tomorrow I hope once again to be discreet on the emissions and hopefully my coworkers will as usual be so very kind and polite and not mention any odors.
My Fat grams could of pushed the limit today and hope to have no repercussions
I am thinking about September for a nice trip! Course, if we do a pre-trip to prepare for a bigger Trip that would be best. Short one ,,,say 4 day to a close destination where sis can eat all the cheese she likes and I could sample the fat in Wine.

Lets say the first 20 pounds we get too!!

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