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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok..any suggestions?!

I am traveling with my parents.....and..I want to give them some fun/goofy memorable stops along the way to do. We are taking a couple of days to get there and I have been looking at some oddities along the way. I found the Ames Brothers Pyramid in Wyoming and another museum along the way that has Shoes made from Big Nose George..I mean to tell you some real worthy stuff if you ask me. Anyway, if anyone can think of some interesting and MOST unusual stops along the way, please give me your suggestions. I travel down through Wyoming and down toward Grand Junction, Co. to our destination. I do go across Nebraska but just the upper northwest corner, so if you can come up with an ususual stop...Please...I just can't wait to see the looks on my parents faces when we stop and they are told what we are about to see. Man..I just love that!


  1. Don't know if you're going thru Alliance,Ne or not but just north of there is carhenge like stonehenge but made out of cars. Kind of interesting.

  2. There's also Ft Robinson at Crawford and a fossil site south of Crawford. Not that that would interest anyone! ; )

  3. You could stop in Ft. Collins and I could stage some sort of freakish, bizzare sideshow attraction in my yard.... tho, that might SCARE your parents more than entertain them.

    Is there anything in Fruita to see about Mike the Headless Chicken? I think Mike the Headless Chicken Days are in May... and when is Frozen Dead Guy day up in Nederland, CO?? I guess some guy up there is cryogenically frozen for when the human race knows how to bring frozen people back to life. Those are the only things I know of...

  4. Ok..Shardawg..I like the idea of the Stonehenge in Alliance..not too far out of the way at all.
    The Ft my kind of thing..but we have to be in Laramie by evening and I would be hours looking at all the cool stuff.

    Shanster..I doubt my parents would be too surprised at a bizarre sideshow atraction..they had 5 girls and 2 boys and are never surprised at anything anymore. They would love it!! Now that frozen dead guy..that could be a stop:)

  5. It's not my neck of the woods so I can't help you....but have fun!
    Congrats to you on losing 25 pounds, and even more so for keeping it off...that's the hard part for me :)

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