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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking in on the girls...

I turned on the camera the other morning...checking in on the goats outside before I went out.  It was pitch dark out. The camera has night vision.  When the first image appeared....a chill ran up my spine.  There stood 10 adult goats all standing shoulder to shoulder with heads facing toward the center.  It was a secret meeting.  Everyone standing and appearing to have a matter of importance..
I watched for a bit then remembered to turn on my sound...Did I hear right?  Murmurs of Social Inequality...a protest movement or whispers of opposition to taxes??  Nope...all I heard was a loud  heavy rhythm of snoring from over in the far corner.  I think Peach might need sinus meds before the girls take matters into their own hands.   I've always noticed that about Peach...she sleeps like a log and snores like a foghorn.  Now, lately when I feed and care for the goats, I look at them all a little differently.  Funny how an image can change your entire opinion. 
  Now to find a solution for Peach before they do....any suggestions folks?


  1. Wow - That IS scary... when the goats begin having meetings at night. I hope they are not planning nefarious doings... like taking the truck into town for beer and cigarettes!