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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meyer lemons and farm fresh eggs..

Identical in color and a perfect match...
 I made Meyers Lemon Scones last week and took them to work.  Today, I made them again but used whole wheat and white flour and added dried cherry craisins.  They were even better!

The recipe comes from , they are the real deal!  Crispy, lightly sweet with the wonderful smell of lemon.  I'm going to look into what it takes to become a sconehead.  I think I could do it!  This site has a wonderful recipe index and the pictures...well...they speak volumes.  She is a previous bakery owner and I'm so glad she's shared her recipes.  They're wonderful!
....and again the girls at work will be eating scones.  I didn't bake them at the 400 degrees and slowed them down a bit, so we can toast them again to have at the office this week.   I love the relaxing feel of baking, and donating these at work will keep me on track for my Summer target (I hope).   Next I'm trying out the savory scones.. yup..I think I'm hooked!

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