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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

student driver....

My niece lives with me. She's 17 and needs to learn to drive. This was our first driving lesson....and its a manual shift. If anyone has started on a manual....there are stories to tell.
She also was just gifted a car from a Great Uncle. Its a little car and has lots of miles but its a nice little starter car. We decided tonite was a good night for a test drive. Jorja, I and my daughter, Nicky, loaded into this cute little car and we began with our first driving lesson.

10 and 2...she was a little nervous.....

Nicky was good moral support and comic relief.....and she was a tad nervous herself...

Jorja was tired of photos...

sailing down the road at breakneck speed of 35-40mph she was doing very well...until

all my fault! I had her turn across the road into a boat dock area on the face of the dam and she overshot the turn. She tried to back up on the highway to make the turn and we found ourselves in the ditch on the opposite side of the road. Clutch Brake and Gas were all used simultaneously...resulting in a speedy backup down a slippery slope.
After laughing hysterically....we sized up the situation and called "the Son to the Rescue Squad"!
Son was smiling as he drove up and just quietly smiled the entire time while nicely pulling us out of the ditch...
Here is the Son telling a passerby that everything was just Fine....!!! (note ...still smiling)

We sailed along home again about 40 miles an hour. Although I know Jorja was still quite nervous she did exceptionally well...all things considered. I teased Jorja that I was going to blog about our lesson. I also periodically laughed hysterical...and anyone who knows me...I tend to laugh pretty hard at odd situations. I can't help it!!!
A little pride was hurt but all in all it was an excellent learning experience. I also know that we will be practicing backing and forward turns lots more in the future....Stay Tuned!!


  1. Too, too funny. You are the best Auntie ever! Colin is always Johnny on the spot to save your butts! : )

  2. Funny! This brought back memories of when I learned to drive a manual..ugh! But once you learn you never forget.
    Sons are the best huh?
    Tracey :)

  3. Fun! Learning to drive a manual can be hairy but with you in the passenger seat, she can't go wrong! grin. Love it!

  4. Your niece's funny grin while test driving can make anyone laugh, because a lot of people share the same feeling when we first drove our cars. And since we have similar experiences as hers, I know that she will be a better driver someday. Perhaps she may even do a summer roadtrip.

    Naomi Champy