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Friday, March 25, 2011

maybe I did start these seedlings a little early...

it'll be mid-May before the soil is warm enough to even think about setting out plants. By the looks of the tomatoes growing under the Aerogarden, I am going to have tomatoes by June!! I am just amazed at the Aerogarden and how it works. If you pull up the plug where the tomato is growing from just dangles in the water/fish fertilizer solution with its exposed roots. It is the oddest thing but I guess when you think about Hydroponic this is it! Pretty interesting but I am hoping I can transplant these hardy tomato plants without major setbacks. The little tomato plants that are in the soil are at least 2 weeks older. Now isn't that the oddest thing!!??


  1. Those tomato plants look great. I am so curious to see how those do when you put them in the ground. It seems like it should work.

  2. Those look fantastic! There's a garden center here that sells big tomato plants in gallon containers with bamboo sticks in them - I'm thinking you'll need that! Beautiful plants - I'll trade ya some honey for some. : -D

  3. OMG! You have a forest! Blossoms are next!