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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making bread...

My Mother-in-law was such a unique woman in that she was stern and quite black&white about her statements, but yet, she had a heart of butter!! She enjoyed so many of the types of things I find fulfilling. Working outdoors and also playing She also enjoyed making different jams from wild berries and just plain physical work. She was practical and nonsensical and liked things done her way....Totally Me!! Well anyway the part about liking things done her way!!
I was in a homemaking mood yesterday and totally emptied and rearranged my living room. Scrubbing the hardwood floor and walls and all fixtures. Sort of a spring cleaning. I started with my kitchen now today, but was sidetracked.
I was thinking about her as I was washing the bowls that I display but rarely use. I was admiring a beautiful bowl she gave me about a year before she passed away. I know she gave it some thought as to what to honor me with. I always look at that bowl and remember how wonderful of her to think of me. She also gave me a few of her collections of arrowheads and stones she collected over the years again a thoughtful woman.
So in honor of Eva today I made a wheat nut bread that I have been wanting to try.
Course I had to add the sunflower seeds and just a few raw pumpkin seeds to the recipe but it was a beautiful hearty and wonderful smelling bread.
I also had that slice of warm bread and said "Thank You" to Eva for being such a memorable and amazing lady! I cherish that bowl and my memories.
Today though I've realized just how much has changed in my life and how I have been forced to adapt and change with it. Although I still think of my husband each and every day...some days I still feel like I laugh at things and mull over things with him even though he isn't here.
What I do understand more and more is that I am in control of my path and with that I think I'll do just fine!


  1. Warm bread and nice thoughts. It sounds like it was a perfect day.

  2. I love the thoughts you shared... and your bread looks delicious!

  3. Nothing better than warm bread slathered in butter! Especially if it is attached to some great memories!

  4. You are so right about her!!! I always loved going to her house and eating whatever jam or goodies she had come up with. I wish I had enjoyed her veggies then (fresh veggies are one of my downfalls now). I always make her zucchini bread. LOVE zucchini, especially the bread. I am curious what bowl you ended up with, although I doubt I would remember any of the, I don't think I paid much attention to any of them!! :) Your bread sounds yummy and as chilled as I am today I think it would have warmed me right up.

  5. I think you ARE doing just fine! You're an amazing woman and it sounds like your mother in law was too. Happy memories!

  6. What a thoughtful post. It had all the 'right' ingredients: warm bread, thankful memories, and a realization that things are going to be just fine.

  7. You definitely are doing just fine...and three cheers for EVA...PS tks for commenting ion post recently you little "doodler you" Cheers!

  8. Is the "wheat nut bread" that you refer to farther down in your post the same as the "hearty english muffin bread" recipe posted at the top? Both sound wonderful!!
    I love the shiny tops on the loaves you made. I can practically smell them... Mmmmm...
    I love that you have such a wonderfully loving memory of your mother-in-law. I'm not sure how common that is. I absolutely adored my mother-in-law and miss her every day.

  9. WOW... I am drooling over here. That looks truly AMAZING! What a nice tribute to Eva. She sounds like a lovely lady.