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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Flood of 2011..

Everyone has a sandbag fortress around their homes or businesses.

River is eye level to some...or up to their armpits to others...

Bridges are alot closer to the water...and side slopes have eroded.

Walkways are well underwater...

We're in the middle of it and its been the talk of the town since it began. The Flood!

Nowhere do you travel but that someone speaks of the damage, the stress and the nonstop worry about water. the middle of South Dakota we are accustomed to drought and heat and hoppers.

They first said it was the 100yr its the 500yr Flood.

Regardless, when a thundercloud appears on the horizon, people scurry.

Everyone in this area knows their elevation. Its flooding at the 1434 elevation and thousands of roads and homes are being assaulted. Flash Flood Watches/Warnings are always scrolling. I have loaded more sandbags than my screaming buldged disc can allow.

I on the other hand live on a bluff overlooking the vast Oahe Dam/Missouri River. Just several miles upriver from one of the largest earthen dams in the US.

My elevation is 1856.

I get tornadoes....but at least I know a few more people who might just come help pick up the pieces if I blow down the draw, and is bad...but it could ALWAYS be worse.

I still find a fascination with a Thunderstorm though and what happens happens....its all going to be fine....Just Fine!


  1. It is sad how many lives are effected by these floods. I am farther south from you. I posted about the Yankton area dam today. I am so glad I am not by the river.

  2. DebH - stay dry! Yes, Mother Nature is one lady no one wants to mess with. Amazing how we can feel so in control but we are really at her mercy. Things can always be worse by my thoughts are with everyone that they don't get any worse than they are! Take care of yourself!!

  3. Drought, tornados, floods, Mother Nature is sure in an ill temper this year. It reminds us of what really matters and humbles many to their knees. None are safe except those that are guided by unseen hands. Thank you for blessing so many lives with your helping hands. Neighbors need neighbors more than ever this year. As a officer in FEMA once told me, "It isn't a matter of IF, but when disaster will strike us."