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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I held strong....almost ...

I took my Dad and my oldest daughter, Erin with me to the One of A Kind Sale. I had a weak moment or two when the tiny little ponies and mini donkeys came out.  Seriously glad I did NOT have my trailer.  We were so fortunate when we got there to even secure a seat!  It was a packed over crowded place.  This was the first time I've gone to this sale, obviously, since I don't have any mini horses or mini donkeys yet, and it was an experience.
We did get to see the Zony, and he was in gorgeous condition.  Healthy animal and quite an attraction.  He sold for around $1000.00 and I thought that was a bargain.  Seems like he would be quite the attention getter.  The baby camel sold for close to $3000.00  and I wonder what people actually do with those exotic animals.  South Dakota isn't a proper place of a camel, but maybe they tolerate it OK..I just don't know much about camels.  Now the owner of the Zony was honest and gave good info on him and said he HATES goats, is mean to men and will LET you pet him if he likes you!  OK, sounds like he had some major attitude and I hear Zebras have a pretty tough attitude.  Obviously that carried through...
The camel didn't like to lead.. or the spotlight...or the lights...or just standing still for that matter.
So many different animals, Emus, Llamas, Alpacas, Beefallo and she was a jumper
just after I snapped this photo, she leapt to the top of the rail...I think I screeched a little..poor girl was pretty scared.  So was the beefallo..
Birds of all feathers, Peacocks, chickens, guineas, ducks, geese, exotic golden pheasants and pigeons...crates and crates of them. 
The Emus were very interesting though, but again, you'ld have to have a bird sanctuary for them.  Hopefully they went to good homes.

so we get to the very last animal of the sale, I had looked at him first thing when we arrived.  He had walked right up to me in that little over-crowded pen outside.  I've wanted one just like him for a few years now, and I had already sat through a sea of animals, as did my 80yr old Father....who was actually having the time of his life.  To some he might be an unusual animal and I think the statement I'll hear most often from people who see him is going to be.."What happened to his ears?!!"  Yup...he came home with me, #234 and he thinks I'm his Mommy.
He had gone most likey some 18hrs plus without a bottle of warm milk and when we arrived home late last night, he ate almost 20ozs and I made him quit.  He is maybe 8-9 days old at most and possibly only 2 or 3 days.  My, Erin named him Nemo and he rode on her lap all the way home.  Not sure if Nemo is a good fit, but he does sorta look like a fish...wouldn't you say?
I am his Mommy and he is going to reside in a crate in the house for a we have our first actual blizzard of the year right now. He'll be just fine all cozy before the fire....Yup, I'm his Mommy!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

and back to my regular broadcast..

I'm heading to the ONE OF A KIND SALE.

I'm taking the truck.

I'm only taking a small amount of cash.

I'm not taking the stock trailer.

I do have a couple carriers and a topper on the truck.

I am a little interested in camels though...HA!

I WILL take pictures.
 Dang if this Zony? isn't the cutest little thing!!

remember that fella down the road...

who had a political statement....
He sure puts effort into his opinions and while I might get what he's saying now, he still baffles me...
so who's the yellow target anyway??

Monday, February 13, 2012

A proper photo...

my new little granddaughter has a professional photographer for an Aunt...aren't we the luckiest?!!! 

Little Emma was the first to initiate some new props, the rug and Sonia...and even though she was positioned and posed and blinded with the flash...she didn't mind at all.  Little angel hardly even opened her eyes..

Thursday, February 9, 2012

anouncing 6lbs 12oz of pure joy!

Emma made a very grand entrance into the world last evening at 11:28 pm...with a total of 48hrs+ of labor resulting in the final decision of C-Section, (that this ole Grandma was privledged to witness). 
It was one roller coaster ride yesterday!  My daughter had I and my daughter-in-law with her in surgery and through her entire ordeal.  Gotta say, my experience as a midwife to a few farm deliveries gave me the stamina it took to watch (up close and personal) my own daughter handle a very long labor and a C-Section without passing out! 
We (my daughter-in-law and I) were the best Laurel and Hardy act my daughter could of ever had! 
But when that daughter of mine had to step up to the plate and deliver, she did it with the strength of a thousand men.  The little bundle of gorgeous arrived perfectly healthy and HUNGRY!  I was amazed at how strong, healthy, and hungry that tiny little girl was.  Not only did she pass all her scores quickly and at the top of her class, but she shows some spunk!  I was allowed the bracelet ( after a little tug-a-war with daughter-in-law) and of course Grandma wins, to be assisting in the baby ward and helping with first bath, first feeding and first snuggle.  Daughter was in recovery and I was there to cover for her.  I gotta say, I bond hard and fast!!  I earned these scrubs and I should of kept them and brought them home!!!
 Be prepared folks,  I might be boring you all with talk of Grandkids for a while. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a comment I posted on Texans blog

Thank you Texan and when I calm down, I will follow the rules!!

(below is a comment I left for Texan on her blog pretty much sums it up)

What a sweet thing! Big Thank You to you for thinkin of me, and today...I am presently running in circles. My daughter is in labor and I am suppose to be in the delivery room!!!!! YIKES...I've delivered all sorts of 4-legged creatures but a real live baby being born??, (yes, I was present for my own 5 children I birthed) BUT!! I am totally freaking out just a tad. I will definitely link some favorite peoples when I settle down. YIKES...I am seriously having a hysterical moment every now and then. Ok, suck it up Deb, you can do this!! Daughter-in law is also going into the delivery room with us. She is a photographer, I might show shear panic in the photos, but I promise to post a few...and crap...I better fix my hair.

 I went to work this morning to get a few things done at the office while we WAIT..I realized, thankfully before my tax clients started to arrive, that I was wearing a shirt on backwards.
Told ya,  I am a bundle of nerves...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

and I think I found someone who will part with a couple of these!

Melodie at Laughing Duck Farm got me interested in these gorgeous little beauts!  I keep my goat population to a realistic few (several)...and I can fit a couple more.  I remembered a couple folks in the neighboring state that bought two of my Pyrenees pups this Summer, and she raised Angora goats.  Called and I think I'm on her list for two babies this Spring!  Aren't they amazing!  The gal even said she'ld drive to meet me when I how can you pass up that!?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

someone needs help...

I feel for these people and I know the fear of  cancer..
read her story  and help if you can.  When I went through the cancer treatment, I never wanted people to feel sorry for me, but I appreciated the compassion of people.  I didn't need any assistance during that time financially and for that I am lucky.  I have although,in my lifetime, needed financial assistance during other times and while we managed somehow, I feel when people are going through health issues, stress can be a life-taker.  It distracts from getting well and it can kill.  I'm giving....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keeper calves...

This year I'm keeping all my heifers (so far 4)...Oh wait...last year I kept all my heifers(again 4).  I think I have a herd now!  It'll bring my cow totals to 18 and I have 8 steers and Rudy (the bull) of course. 
This newest calf from a couple days ago came from "Baby"!  She's my heifer cow from last year that calved the night of a nasty cold and blizzarding night.  I got there in the nick of time but had to bring her calf inside to melt and survive before the fire.   It took I and my daughter several hours of warming and finally getting the calf up and eating before I was in the "all clear" zone.  This year my cattle started calving again in January but I have the only 4 cattle that were early, and I had them in a barn.  Every time one of them calved though, its been at least 40 degrees or better.  So far it couldn't be better!
I sold the bull this fall that was the sire of all my calves from last year and this year.  They are some nice ones.  Of course almost all my keepers have a percentage of Jersey, but they are all extra gentle.  This year though, they kept extremely well...this weather was such an advantage and nobody had a hard time in the cold.  It has been an amazing winter and one I have thoroughly enjoyed.  It's moved along fast!  Before we know it, I'll have that cycle of babies in full force!

I have 6 more cows to calf with only one in a couple weeks and the rest all in late March.  Since I sold my high-jumping-over-zealous bull, I am not as challenged keeping Rudy separated from the girls.  So good.  I want to breed the cattle in mid June this year.
My next cow to calf is a 2yr old heifer...this is one that my son pulled and I said it was his.  He seriously earned it!  She was a big big girl and she has an incredible nice style to her.  I've had my hay hauling gents here that looked at the cattle and all asked if she was for sale.  I am 99% sure though that Rudy is the Sire to her calf.  I marked the day and she is appearing to be close to the due date.  Since she does have 1/4 Jersey in her background, I'm really wondering what color she'll calf.

 Here's Rudy!
and here's Sons Keeper...I gotta say though..I bet she throws black!

and an oddity that happens lots with cattle...extra teats.  This girl has 6, but the thing with her...I think they may be working teats.  Talk about over-achiever!  Extra teats in the cattle world is not unusual but in the dairy world it really is frowned on, but in beef cattle it happens lots.  Don't know why and it hasn't affected any of my beef cattle when they have small non-developed extra teats.  Since this girl is bagging up though, they appear to be normal sized and attached proper.  Weird huh!?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

and Jack is Back!

we had this wild kitty that went missing a little over a year ago...
He was the "Real Deal" WILD kitty and if you startled him he would HISSS and head for the hills.  He showed up one day a couple years ago and I'ld say he was a juvenile kitty yet.  I didn't have any outside cats at all and when he appeared I thought someone dumped him. Nope he was definitely born in the wild...he Hissed his heart out at us.  It was a cold winter and he liked the heat lamp on the baby goats.  I would see him on the camera but he was a blur when I entered the goats barn.  It took many weeks to be able to even pet him and I could pet him plenty while I was milking a goat and he was waiting for his dish of warm beverage..but..any other time...NO Way!

When Tess was a pup, they were fast friends until...Tess got a little too rough in the rough housing.  He started avoiding Tess.  She would really get a little over aggressive on occasion and I think he had enough. I always wondered how I could load him up and take him to the Vet him neutered, but the vision of my scarred arms made me rethink.  Anyway.. Poof one day, gone!   He was one wild cat!
We've wondered about him off and on this last year.  Thinking maybe we saw him down the road or over in a hay lot.  Life on the prairie around here is pretty unfortunate for a cat.  The coyotes around here travel in gangs and they come in close.  You would have to be pretty smart, fast and high in a tree to avoid a coyote and we don't have much for trees around here.  Pretty much knew he was eagle bait or coyote food somewhere out there.
So just recently I brought home two more indoor kitties from the shelter.  They've had it good, and I guess Jack decided he wanted to come see why they come in and he doesn't.  Couldn't believe my eyes when he was sitting out on the deck one night.  He had grown..and not only grown...he looks like he is half mountain lion with the size of his head.  My little indoor kitties look like midgets compared to him.  Let me tell you though, he isn't about to be introduced to them...I think he would have them for lunch.  He learned some things while he's been away!  His survival skills have to be phenomenal. 

This is not a political statement....

But, on my drive to work in the morning...we have a neighbor who uses his free speech rights for his political beliefs.  Lots of people do, but for years now he has been having all sorts of large painted signs and props and buildings and oddities for all to view.  He lives along a major highway.  I know him personally only through the loud and booming voice he announces himself with where ever he goes. He lets people know what he thinks!   He is a professional "Fencer" he calls himself, and while his shingle he hangs by his home says "Department of  De Fence", I find him witty but definitely not shy!
Now I can't say I share his beliefs on his politics at all but I believe he does have the right to say what he thinks....

folks ...there's a clothes line to the left...

My question on this last prop... What is he going to add for the statement?  or, Is this the statement?

any ideas??  Keep in mind last year he had a real full size Outhouse standing complete with painted sign that read...."Obama's health reform sign up",  with painted arrow sign that said...."in the basement."    He had to remove it as our SD wind didn't let it stay upright for more than a week or two.   Maybe it was a passerby though come to think of it....