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Thursday, February 10, 2011

..I moved so fast....I don't remember how I got there...

Her due date was February 14th...when predicted weather was going to be in the 40's!

I set my timer to go off for 3 hr intervals. I had laid down at 11:15 after checking on "Baby", my 2 yr old Hereford heifer. She had followed me around and wanted her belly scratched and rubbed. I wondered if she was having some contractions but sure didn't notice any discharge. She just wanted alot of extra attention. Why I set the clock for a 3 hr check.

Well...I got there at 2:30 really bleary eyed and groggy. Took about a second to see the trouble, wind chill -25...with 0 degree temperature. Newborn calf was on the ground and covered in frost and her Momma trying to help by licking and murmurring...gotta love a Momma cow and how she talks to her baby. Now this is "Babys" first calf and she was showing good signs of being a proper Momma but calf was freezing rapidly and I could tell it hadn't stood or much less nursed yet. I tried to carry her(yup its a girl) but was surprised at the size that my big "Baby" had delivered. I dropped spotlight and ran to the house. That's pretty much were I have forgotten how I got her in the house within then next 5 minutes. Really shocks me at what adrenaline can do to a body!
Momma cow followed me to the fenceline and I could hear her calling, but she'll be more than happy when at noon today I bring a toasty warm and healthy baby back to her.

I got my daughter up at 3am to blow dry those ears and extremities and it appears there is no frostbite. YES....I know...I will NOT let those bulls be anywhere near my cows again until June. This is too hard on this Old Fat girl!!

It took me and helpful daughter about 2 hours to warm that babies core up enough to see that she was going to WANT to thrive. But after a quart of colostrum and a pint shot of good warm goats milk...I have her standing and curling up to sleep like a normal calf...Whew!! Piping hot pellet stove comes in awfully handy!

and with a little extra coaxing...I got those legs to working!

and she finally pulled those legs into her body and laid like a warmed up calf!
Now to name this little close call...and well..."Baby" is taken so if you can think of a name for this precious little face, do Tell. This little girl is staying and going to have a comfy life! Only thing that really shocked me was the color. I totally expected a black white face calf since the Daddy is Purebred Black Angus and the Momma is a gorgeous fullbred Hereford (or so I was told). I suspect a little Charloaix hiding in the mix. This one is definitely a calf of a different color. Not red and not brown and definitely not Black! More of a light tan with the white face!
But boy what a face!


  1. Wow, that was a night! Well I think you have to name her Miracle... my goodness she is!! Good job girly to you and your daughter! She is adorable and I love her color! :O)

  2. I think a great name would be Mocha, she sure is a cutie and I hope Baby/Momma is excited to have her back today!!

  3. What a beautiful face! Glad you got there in time to save her, and hope she and momma bond well. Keep us updated!

  4. What a cutie. I think you should go with something formal like "Latte Whose Father Comes from a Good Neighborhood" and call her Lattie for short

  5. Oh my goodness....that face is ADORABLE! She is a very different color. I am so glad all your and your daughters TLC saved this baby. I hope her momma and momma are doing well now.
    i will have to think on the name.
    Keep us posted about Baby and her baby.
    Take care,

  6. So glad you are vigilant! Love her - she's beautiful! Mabelline came mind cuz of those lashes.... her Momma will be so happy to have her back!

  7. You had me in suspense with this one! She is stunning! That color is outstanding. Love it!
    And you are my kind of gal! Bringing her into the house where it is toasty and blow drying her warm.
    Thank goodness you are so vigilant with your cows.
    Hmmmm, a name..........a name...... a name.....hmmmm......Lilly? Twila? Hmmmm... okay, I can't think of a good one.
    Hugs to you, your daughter and that gorgeous calf.

  8. What about "Sweet Pea"? She looks so sweet. Or because it was so cold what about"Frost"?

  9. What a cutie! Sounds like you took care of everybody really get some sleep. Ha Ha! Those late nights are always worth it when everything ends up alright.

  10. That is a pretty baby! You sure don't go long with out some sort of excitement at your place lol! I am very glad you had a happy ending! How about Anna Belle?

  11. Deb,
    Thank you so much for your comliments..on my home and weight loss...I am blushing!!!
    Losing weight is hard at first, but it gets easier. Hang in there! I have maintained my loss, but I still stick to Weight Watchers, only cheat for special occasions..but that gives me something to look forward to!
    You can do it!

  12. she is soooooo sweet! since she was due on the 14th i like Clementine bc it rhymes with Valentine. :)

  13. Hi there,

    Just discovered you through blog hopping at animal sites.

    Oh what a sweet calf. I'm so glad you found her before she froze to death. What a sad thing for Baby to try to save her little one in that cold.

    She's beautiful to be sure!