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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Momma love...

Took this video Saturday morning while feeding one of the bottle babies. Stood back to watch "Baby" acting more and more like a good Momma.
I had to watch her a little as the first introduction on Friday went alright in that "Baby" knew there was something about that calf she liked...just wasn't sure why she was drawn to it yet. She was like a 17 yr old unwed girl who didn't really know what she was doing and she definitely wasn't going to nurse it. So it took a little coaxing. She just knew she sorta liked it and was Mewwing to it so softly and constantly smelling the new calf. Finally she licked it and then followed it while it stumbled around. I keep them in their own pen and walked away and gave them time to bond. Funny thing is, she is such a big pet that she would allow me to milk her but the minute that little calf latched on, she would kick like she meant it. I had to stand and scratch her "Babys" belly and whisper "it'll be Ok, it'll be OK". Within an hour I had her standing still and little baby filled up that tummy so much that by yesterday she had a touch of scours....nothing bad just a little too much fresh milk. I haven't had to supplement this new baby and I can tell she's getting plenty. Newborn is already jumping and running in cirlces...really good sign. I will still give it a day or two more in a pen before I let her out...just to make sure she REMEMBERS her Mother job. Those teenagers need a little guidance once in a while!
p.s. I think I call everything Baby, Punkin, Sugar and



  1. Our momma sheep sometimes walks off while the twins are still eating, and it's her 4th or 5th year of babies. I think it's a hormonal thing! LOL We banded tails today and the poor lambies were on the ground crying as Staci, the momma, just calmly chewed her hay! Ding dong! Where's the momma-love here!

  2. So sweet! I loved listening to the other little calf chowing down on that bottle in the background too :)

  3. One of the wonderful things of farm life,sweet babies(big and little)!