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Sunday, February 27, 2011

being positive...

Weigh in went well. 9.6 lbs down. Not as amazing as my diet buddy, who has lost over 14 lbs...but really fine by me. Seems I drop a mere 3 a week but I tell myself...It took 8 years to accumulate this excess and I have possible grown quite attached to it. It may just be a little harder to remove.
I was still complaining about being so hungry at times that I felt nearly sick to my stomach. I was suggested to have an extra protein and one carb item to compensate. It definitely helps me think clearer and I don't feel so insatiable.

John over at goinggently has lost some14 pounds!! I am truly impressed!! Congratulations John!! and by the way...his blog is so entertaining, I check in on him daily!! He is so "normal" I just love reading anything he posts.

Now I wish I had the nerve to of taken a few before pictures so I could see the progress. At 10-12 lbs a month, I still have about 4 months to go. Just in time for tomato season. Which leads me to my other goal! Tomatoes to harvest by July 1st??
I think I will be checking into a small greenhouse as we only had another 4 inches of snow yesterday. I am noticing the sun is definitely feeling alot warmer though. Now my plan is to have my nearest son who lives down the road build me a nice little greenhouse!!(nothing fancy son). I have some seedlings started in pots and if my strategy works, I'll be sitting on my deck with BLT in one hand and my legs exposed in shorts celebrating the 4th of July!!
Thanks to Dan for all those helpful "secret" tips on growing tomatoes...for this year ...I might just win at the first home grown tomato!! The race is on!!


  1. I've decided to quit fussing about my meager weight loss this week and start focusing on the "smaller me picture". I'm excited for us to have more energy this summer so we can enjoy our rock excursions to the fullest. So here's to the end of April,shorts.tank tops, and "after pictures"! We CAN DO THIS!!

  2. Dan just stated the tomato secrets have stopped as of today!! You are now on your own...he says good luck!

  3. Yay for you on your 9.6 pound loss!!! Now let me fuss at you just a minute (hehe)....don't compare your weight loss to others weight loss! Everyone loses differently and the slower the better. You shouldn't lose more that 2 or 3 pounds a week. (in my opinion)
    I can just see you enjoying that BLT in those shorts!!
    Tracey :)

  4. Way to go DebH! Losing is so difficult and putting it on is oh, so, easy... hmph. Too bad it's not the other way around. Keep hanging in there! All the best to you -