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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bulldozer Effect...

I let "Baby" out of confinement Sunday and watched her through out the day. Funny thing was her little calf took off on a run and joined in the baby calf olympics that were going on up in the top corral. Course baby calf was clumsy and had a little trouble keeping up, but she definitely has the exploring nature. Sometimes you get those calves that cling to their Mommas afraid to venture too far and other times you get those totally independent creatures that Mommas are always worrying over. (Just like people)
So later in the day I went down to check to see that Momma was keeping an eye on the little pill and found Momma laying inside the pen again with sleeping baby.....Good Girl...

I went down at dark and checked again and at least 7 cows had packed into the fluffy straw area of the pen that "Baby" and calf were confined to these last couple days. Over in the far back corner laid the "Babys" calf all cozy but hard to get to. Since everyone else was laying head to tail and side to side enjoying the comfy mat of straw, there was no getting to the newborn. Well..big "Baby" had been out eating and catching up at the hay feeder and when she notice I was heading into the barn she came to check her calf out also...Bawling for her all the way. She and I were standing shoulder to shoulder wondering how to walk across the sea of cattle to get to her newborn. I was deciding to shoo them all out and let Baby and newborn have the pen back for the evening so that newborn wasn't stepped on. I didn't have to do a thing though...."Baby" decided it was her place to move everyone..and That she did. She started to walk right over the top of everyone with her focus on her baby. She meant business and every cow jumped up and made room and the one or two that were moving slow??? .. Well "Baby" put her head under their midsection and practically tossed them aside. Heck...I can't even get them to move like that!! She meant to get to that calf and that was that!! I guess the Motherly instinct kicked in....all I can say is...."Look Out...She's coming Thru!!"


  1. That would have made a great video! I am still laughing at Big Baby tossing those other cows out of the way!

  2. It amazes me how that mothering instinct kicks in... Of course, we banded lambs tails yesterday and Momma Staci just kept on eating. No sympathy at all from her!

  3. Atta girl baby!
    Happy valentine's Day Deb :)

  4. I'm so glad she is all about baby! You done good!