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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Double Jinxed!!

I just talked with a neighbor yesterday about how short the fence line that keeps my bulls in was becoming....being buried in snow that is!

I was saying "yeegads..I sure hope we get some thawing soon..cuzz that fence line is hitting the big boys about chest high right now and it wouldn't take much of a hop to cross over into freedom"

Went out early this morning while its still dark to do chores. While I was in the barn, I could hear Tess barking madly at something and I had that feeling.
I came out into the dawn of the day to see my biggest Bull eating happily and ignoring Tess who was going nuts since he was standing within 5 feet of all my goats who weren't too happy to be sharing. Tess was circling and dodging and pacing and frantic and Bull was eating and thrilled and oblivious!
It took me and the Bobcat to separate him from the big bale of Alfalfa and I had to run with pail in hand to the fenceline with corn to get him from running me over for the taste of crack corn.
I had to take him through a gate that I had to open from the hinge side just to get it open! Everthing is becoming buried. I lift the hay feeders with the bobcat just to keep them from hitting animals in the knees when eating.

To correct the problem of him going over again...cuzz he would now that he's done it once...I now have stacked additional panels over the top of snow and I have a fenceline that is now approximately 10 feet tall.
Weather forecast says 3-4 more inches over the next couple of days with -16 degrees for the low.
I just may have to take a picture or two for the memory of "How High can it go".
I am willing to take bets on how late into summer I am still going to be finding snow/ice buried under hay feeding spots that are some 4-5 ft compacted spots this year.
I'm gonna say I still find snow under piles of hay and compacted manure around middle part of July! Any bets??


  1. Geez - you stay safe now in your 20' fence compound... you keep building your walls to keep 'em all in. I guess at least you will stay warm??? Yikes. Thinking of you and wishing for some relief!!!

  2. Wow...that's a lot of snow. And you're right, he'd try it again. They may act dumb, but they aren't! Stay warm in between chores.