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Monday, March 8, 2010

Son just earned himself ownership of this last calf!!

It's a girl and I wouldn't of believed it myself, but had to check twice and then again this morning. The largest calf to date and it about took more pulling than my son had in him to get this one born.
I am seriously thinking the bull may be going to sale. This last one had me more than worried.
She is healthy and XLarge, but mother hopped up right away and went to cleaning and caring for her. I will keep her for breeding and my son earned the calves off this one. It stayed in the 30's through the night and melted alot of snow....sad thing is....there is alot more to melt yet. It is Mud Mud Mud and more Mud!! If I could get the skidster even close to the corrals I would toss in another large round straw bale...but it won't be happening anytime soon.

It WAS really cool though, to stand at the fence early morning and see all the Moms calling to their babies for breakfast. Beautiful morning!!


  1. Goodness... at least you have ONE that popped out that wasn't a bull! I can't imagine how strong you have to be to pull a calf. I had to pull a kid last year and that was hard enough...

    80 lbs?? YOW!

    Sounds like a beautiful morning and the new life is always so lovely. Can't wait for pix!

  2. That's so funny---we've had really big calves this year too...but ours have all been girls. Finally had 1 bull calf just the other day.

  3. Pics! Pics! Looking forward to seeing all those beautiful babies there. hang int here with the mud. It WILL dry up. Spring is pretty much here and summer will arrive before you know it.