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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Babies babies and more babies....

So far to one day and one day only...I had 7 new kids and another bull calf. I have 4 more Jerseys to calve out and 4 more does. I was hoping for a little breather but went out today and found youngest Jersey (Thelmas daughter)..calving and in trouble. I mucked my way back to the house and grabbed the chains and hollered for my oldest son who had just arrived . I had him do the pulling and I did the instructions...then tucked baby and Momma into the barn on some dry hay...out of the knee deep mud. I just went out to check new baby and he was already up and nursing well. I was so lucky to have Colin here to help, it took more strength than I have to pull and a lot more muscle to get him hauled to the barn. We think he weighs around 80 pounds and so far the biggest one I have had yet. 5 calves and all healthy and thriving . What are the odds of 100% bulls anyway?

Tomorrow I will walk around and get some pictures of everybody. The kids and the latest calf are only a couple days old and are absolutely adorable. All Alpine Toggenburg crosses and too cute to describe. Colin had just hooked my goat/cam up and it was running on the goats for just a day before everyone decided to kid within hours of each other. I didn't have lamps set up yet so watching them from work saved then all as it was really cold on Wenesday. I had just gotten back to work after the second doe kidded and had put the other doe (who was close) inside to watch also. She waited until I got back to the office and THEN got down to business. This time ....I again called on Colin who lives across the road to go over to set her up in her own pen and put the lamp on them. It was amazing to see her kid within minutes and by evening I had a total of 9 kids total and everyone safe and warm.
The snow is melting fast today and the mud is pure slop. Also....I hope I don't scare that son of mine off and he moves anytime soon....I know I would manage without his help somehow...but it sure is a huge help to have him close.
I am going to go back and look at some June July and August posts now. It has to be warm and dry one of these days!


  1. Congratulations on all your babies! You are lucky to have such a great son! I don't know what I am going to do when mine leaves home!

  2. WOW! It was like birth-o-rama at your place!! I can't believe all those does popped at once... thank goodness for the goat cam and your son being close.

    Hooray for melting... sure makes a big mess with mud, but summer is coming... it is, it is!!

  3. Wow!!!! 9 babies pretty much all at once! Holy smokes! I wouldn't worry about Colin moving away. Glad he was there to help with the birth.