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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The tall and short of it all...

and with Springtime always comes mischief....I can see little Sparky is thinking about something and my Sweet Tess....she will be the follower (she is a juvenile delinquent still).
I keep a close eye this time of year. Last night as it was getting dark, I saw the baby calves had escaped through the bale feeder and were doing the evening walkabout. They come up to the house and wander all around snooping. They were over by the garden when one of them got the itch to do the baby race back to their Momma. There were 4 baby calves out and when 1 runs...they all hightail it and the race is on. Tess was watching them wander around and when the race started she decided to join. She can RUN!! I hollered for her to stop so as she didn't run them through the fence. She didn't hear I really HOLLERED! Just then one of the baby calves gave that MOMMA I AM SCARED Bawl that brought 10 different Mommas running to the fenceline. Tess made an abrupt skidding sliding ears back tail under her butt halt that was impressive. She did a 360 and came running back. I know she's a big girl but she is only 8 months old and still learning. Just another learning experience but one that makes you smile....

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  1. HA! I can just SEE that happening! Poor Tess didn't wanna take on all them Mama cows... glad she stopped the mischief when she did and no babies ran thru a fence. grin. She'll get the hang o' things. She is a beautiful girl!