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Friday, March 19, 2010

Calving Dates-My journal of Births

For me, I keep a journal on a calendar. I try to remember at the time to write down the dates I notice things. For instance...babies being born...boys chasing particular girls....or boys who jumped the fence..or the telltale hollering. There are always signs...and I try to write it down that is.
I have found since blogging it's a piece of cake if I just put a quick post up and it really helps to keep the dates in order.

Well this last month?? All hell broke loose and I didn't write down a single thing. I would drop into bed at night and think..I will remember to get that written down...and never do it.
Today I went through the photos, the phone texts..the memory and hopefully have my dates in close order. I feel badly though, I missed 1 of the births for a picture. While I castrated all the bulls promptly,,,save for Rudy of course....I didn't always get a tag in the ear. Boy am I falling down on the job!!
Its a really is
I write this to journal the dates for future Breeding sake.
For the Cows.
1. Themla calved 12-09-09 Bull calf-Rudy-Half Jersey/Half Guernsey
2. Louise calved 01-17-09 Bull calf-angus- did not pull and nice sized calf- approx 65-70 lbs
3. Kooky Cow (my original and favorite) calved 2-09-10 -angus-I got nervous on her as she had twins last year, although she would of most likely been just fine. Called the vet and he pulled him. Bull calf and just the right size....also this baby has Kooky cows eyes..Stunningly beautiful!! :)
4. Maple (our first born baby on the place) calved 03-02-10-angus- This is her 4th calving and she did it by herself with no problems. Very nice Black Black Bull calf just the right size..and not too big.
5. Mazie (Thelmas Daughter) - calved 03-06-10-angus- Big Bull calf and son came over and pulled. Although the pulling was nothing compared to the next days calf from Sally. This calf weighed closer to 70 lbs.
6. Sally- (Louise's daughter) calved 03-07-10 Big RED Heifer Calf-angus-will rightfully call her RED and she was also pulled. Called Son to help at 9 o'clock Sunday evening in the extremely dark night and mud up to our eyeballs. Flashlights dying on us and an enormous calf that took two mens strength to pull. Luckily my son had it in him. Beautiful Heifer calf...that will stay on the place.
I have a few more cows to calf yet, but will update as they go,
Next, I need to get dates for those new kids on the shouldn't be too hard as they were all born on the same day!! Who would of guessed that?!

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  1. Good luck with the rest of your calving! We have a Thelma and Louise too!