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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Note to self....Always babyproof the lamps....ALWAYS!!!

my son was on the computer and I IM'd him and asked him to check the cam....told him I thought it was smoke. He was down the road and on the camera within two minutes. Seriously...he didn't waste time and came carrying a fire extinguisher! Glad he was thinking, I heard and saw him enter on the cam and within several seconds saw a lot of smoke/or fire extinguisher. He was calling next and telling me the light that was not within view of camera was laying flat on the hay and was black. I do NOT use Heat Lamp bulbs...just 60 watt and I was shocked it made that much heat. It wasn't knocked down in the morning when I did chores and by early afternoon it did that much damage. That is just frightening how fast it can smolder something and start a fire.
When I got home after work, I checked the spot and saw son had cleaned it up pretty well and them dumped snow on the area. I dug around in all the bedding and Still found warm spots.
I hope it taught me a lesson that I need to always slow down and MAKE SURE...I take extra precautions with lamps.
I have yet to get any pictures and hopefully this weekend I will get caught up and try to do a decent post on my blog. With new baby goats and this never ending Winter Weather, I am getting little else done and find myself not getting to even eat supper and relax until close to 9 in the evening. We have had too much rain and NO sunshine. I haven't seen the sun in close to two weeks. If it isn't fog it is serious ice/slush on the roads. WE NEED WARM WEATHER and a sunny day to get us out of the dumps.
p.s. Thank you Son for the cam truly saved the day!!!


  1. I am so glad everything is going to be OK! Thank goodness for your barn cam and your son!

  2. Installing that barn cam was a life saver! Literally! Very happy all is safe there. Your son is an incredible young man.

  3. Man o man! I'm so glad nothing came of the lamp down!! Sweetie - you need to pack bags and get to someplace that has sun. All that slush and grey and mud and wind and grey and cold and nastiness is so awful. My heart goes out to you. Our week has been cold and windy but I had a sun filled day Tuesday and it made ALL the difference.

    Animal work is SO much harder when it is so sloppy and disgusting out. BIG BIG hug to you and keep on keepin' on. The sun is coming....

  4. Wheeewwwiiiee!! Shanster...I NEEDED That!!
    It says 50's possible next week and there may be a day that we actually will see the sun! I can't believe it!!!!!

  5. So glad everything turned out okay. Hope you get some warm weather soon!

  6. Hey DebH - nice to meet you and have you drop by! I've been doin' a little readin' here. I'm glad that your animals and barn are OK, and that you had that camera installed! A lifesaver to be sure! Looks like you're busy with your new babies. Lotsa work and I imagine it's pretty tough with all that cold and snow. I don't think I could make it up north. Some winters we don't even get snow, and if we do, it might just be a dusting or an inch or two and gone in a day. Wish I could send you some of this nice warm sunshine we're having here in Texas! Vickie