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Saturday, February 25, 2012

and back to my regular broadcast..

I'm heading to the ONE OF A KIND SALE.

I'm taking the truck.

I'm only taking a small amount of cash.

I'm not taking the stock trailer.

I do have a couple carriers and a topper on the truck.

I am a little interested in camels though...HA!

I WILL take pictures.
 Dang if this Zony? isn't the cutest little thing!!


  1. That Zony will fit I a big pet carrier! I can't wait to see what you come home with and I wish I was going with you! Although Hubby would not be so thrilled! He would sigh and ask,.."what do I need to build a pen for now?"LOL!

  2. I would love to go to that sale! It is actually not THAT far away. Next week we have our bird and animal auction - and I do the same thing - limit what cash I bring and what I drive. Can't wait to see photos : )

  3. You're showing great reserve in not taking the trailer, lol.

    Is it a Zony or a Pebra?

    1. funny Chris, and he was a stinker. I guess he's been at the sale a few times, but he was healthy, plump and spunky!! Not sure if a zebra cross is such a good thing other than gorgeous. He looked like he would eat small children...and he definitely HATED goats...

  4. Such self-control! I always take my car insetad of the truck when I go to the state fair. That way I can only bring home things that can sit on children's laps. Which narrows down the spontaneous purchses a bit...
    Stevie @