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Thursday, February 9, 2012

anouncing 6lbs 12oz of pure joy!

Emma made a very grand entrance into the world last evening at 11:28 pm...with a total of 48hrs+ of labor resulting in the final decision of C-Section, (that this ole Grandma was privledged to witness). 
It was one roller coaster ride yesterday!  My daughter had I and my daughter-in-law with her in surgery and through her entire ordeal.  Gotta say, my experience as a midwife to a few farm deliveries gave me the stamina it took to watch (up close and personal) my own daughter handle a very long labor and a C-Section without passing out! 
We (my daughter-in-law and I) were the best Laurel and Hardy act my daughter could of ever had! 
But when that daughter of mine had to step up to the plate and deliver, she did it with the strength of a thousand men.  The little bundle of gorgeous arrived perfectly healthy and HUNGRY!  I was amazed at how strong, healthy, and hungry that tiny little girl was.  Not only did she pass all her scores quickly and at the top of her class, but she shows some spunk!  I was allowed the bracelet ( after a little tug-a-war with daughter-in-law) and of course Grandma wins, to be assisting in the baby ward and helping with first bath, first feeding and first snuggle.  Daughter was in recovery and I was there to cover for her.  I gotta say, I bond hard and fast!!  I earned these scrubs and I should of kept them and brought them home!!!
 Be prepared folks,  I might be boring you all with talk of Grandkids for a while. 


  1. Congrats Deb! She's lovely!

    Best wishes to your daughter :-)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! She is beautiful!

  3. Oh Deb,she is beautiful! Congratulations! I know you are on cloud 9!

  4. Welcome little one! So glad you are here!