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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I held strong....almost ...

I took my Dad and my oldest daughter, Erin with me to the One of A Kind Sale. I had a weak moment or two when the tiny little ponies and mini donkeys came out.  Seriously glad I did NOT have my trailer.  We were so fortunate when we got there to even secure a seat!  It was a packed over crowded place.  This was the first time I've gone to this sale, obviously, since I don't have any mini horses or mini donkeys yet, and it was an experience.
We did get to see the Zony, and he was in gorgeous condition.  Healthy animal and quite an attraction.  He sold for around $1000.00 and I thought that was a bargain.  Seems like he would be quite the attention getter.  The baby camel sold for close to $3000.00  and I wonder what people actually do with those exotic animals.  South Dakota isn't a proper place of a camel, but maybe they tolerate it OK..I just don't know much about camels.  Now the owner of the Zony was honest and gave good info on him and said he HATES goats, is mean to men and will LET you pet him if he likes you!  OK, sounds like he had some major attitude and I hear Zebras have a pretty tough attitude.  Obviously that carried through...
The camel didn't like to lead.. or the spotlight...or the lights...or just standing still for that matter.
So many different animals, Emus, Llamas, Alpacas, Beefallo and she was a jumper
just after I snapped this photo, she leapt to the top of the rail...I think I screeched a little..poor girl was pretty scared.  So was the beefallo..
Birds of all feathers, Peacocks, chickens, guineas, ducks, geese, exotic golden pheasants and pigeons...crates and crates of them. 
The Emus were very interesting though, but again, you'ld have to have a bird sanctuary for them.  Hopefully they went to good homes.

so we get to the very last animal of the sale, I had looked at him first thing when we arrived.  He had walked right up to me in that little over-crowded pen outside.  I've wanted one just like him for a few years now, and I had already sat through a sea of animals, as did my 80yr old Father....who was actually having the time of his life.  To some he might be an unusual animal and I think the statement I'll hear most often from people who see him is going to be.."What happened to his ears?!!"  Yup...he came home with me, #234 and he thinks I'm his Mommy.
He had gone most likey some 18hrs plus without a bottle of warm milk and when we arrived home late last night, he ate almost 20ozs and I made him quit.  He is maybe 8-9 days old at most and possibly only 2 or 3 days.  My, Erin named him Nemo and he rode on her lap all the way home.  Not sure if Nemo is a good fit, but he does sorta look like a fish...wouldn't you say?
I am his Mommy and he is going to reside in a crate in the house for a we have our first actual blizzard of the year right now. He'll be just fine all cozy before the fire....Yup, I'm his Mommy!


  1. I'm so glad you brought him home! He's adorable.

  2. He's darling and I'm glad he got a good mommy! I can almost not go to a sale anymore... I worry so about where everything is going!

  3. What a cute baby! I just love having a house goat,they are just so sweet and so much fun!I know folks think I am crazy but I just love bottle feeding babies even if it means getting up in the middle of the night! The sale looks like it was really fun too. The folks behind us and down the road a bit have exotic game,a popular thing here in Texas for those who can afford it. They have camels and all kinds of deer and elk from around the world. I would have gotten a peacock for sure,lol! I have been wanting some of those for a while.I hope that blizzard is short,stay warm!

  4. Yes - I am sure he picked you out. So glad you brought home something lovable and manageable. I have twice brought home animals from sales similar to this that were pregnant and I didn't know.

  5. Such a cute lil' guy, and he does look a little "fish" like... I'm with you, I enjoy bottle feeding, even the getting up part. Glad you got him, did anybody bid against you?

  6. I don't blame you Deb - how could you not take that gorgeous little fella home.

    See that look in his eyes? That's love that is. :-)

  7. Well Nemo the Lamancha goat is a cutie!!!

  8. Now that's one cutie to tussle and play with this one!!!winky wink