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Monday, February 13, 2012

A proper photo...

my new little granddaughter has a professional photographer for an Aunt...aren't we the luckiest?!!! 

Little Emma was the first to initiate some new props, the rug and Sonia...and even though she was positioned and posed and blinded with the flash...she didn't mind at all.  Little angel hardly even opened her eyes..


  1. Awwww those are to cute...already a DIVA ! love it, every girl should know how precious she is from the minute she makes her appearance in this world!

  2. Oh I like the first photo that is so cute! Second one is cute too but that first one is just the cat's meow as they say.

  3. She is just a sweetie pie! That is one of the perks of little girls, all the cute dress up times you are going to have!Great pictures!

  4. I think this would be so fun to do. I like the first one best.