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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

and Jack is Back!

we had this wild kitty that went missing a little over a year ago...
He was the "Real Deal" WILD kitty and if you startled him he would HISSS and head for the hills.  He showed up one day a couple years ago and I'ld say he was a juvenile kitty yet.  I didn't have any outside cats at all and when he appeared I thought someone dumped him. Nope he was definitely born in the wild...he Hissed his heart out at us.  It was a cold winter and he liked the heat lamp on the baby goats.  I would see him on the camera but he was a blur when I entered the goats barn.  It took many weeks to be able to even pet him and I could pet him plenty while I was milking a goat and he was waiting for his dish of warm beverage..but..any other time...NO Way!

When Tess was a pup, they were fast friends until...Tess got a little too rough in the rough housing.  He started avoiding Tess.  She would really get a little over aggressive on occasion and I think he had enough. I always wondered how I could load him up and take him to the Vet him neutered, but the vision of my scarred arms made me rethink.  Anyway.. Poof one day, gone!   He was one wild cat!
We've wondered about him off and on this last year.  Thinking maybe we saw him down the road or over in a hay lot.  Life on the prairie around here is pretty unfortunate for a cat.  The coyotes around here travel in gangs and they come in close.  You would have to be pretty smart, fast and high in a tree to avoid a coyote and we don't have much for trees around here.  Pretty much knew he was eagle bait or coyote food somewhere out there.
So just recently I brought home two more indoor kitties from the shelter.  They've had it good, and I guess Jack decided he wanted to come see why they come in and he doesn't.  Couldn't believe my eyes when he was sitting out on the deck one night.  He had grown..and not only grown...he looks like he is half mountain lion with the size of his head.  My little indoor kitties look like midgets compared to him.  Let me tell you though, he isn't about to be introduced to them...I think he would have them for lunch.  He learned some things while he's been away!  His survival skills have to be phenomenal. 

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  1. He's a very handsome cat and if he could write a book, I'd be interested in his hair raising tails, thankful for his nine lives. Good story Deb and great pix!