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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is not a political statement....

But, on my drive to work in the morning...we have a neighbor who uses his free speech rights for his political beliefs.  Lots of people do, but for years now he has been having all sorts of large painted signs and props and buildings and oddities for all to view.  He lives along a major highway.  I know him personally only through the loud and booming voice he announces himself with where ever he goes. He lets people know what he thinks!   He is a professional "Fencer" he calls himself, and while his shingle he hangs by his home says "Department of  De Fence", I find him witty but definitely not shy!
Now I can't say I share his beliefs on his politics at all but I believe he does have the right to say what he thinks....

folks ...there's a clothes line to the left...

My question on this last prop... What is he going to add for the statement?  or, Is this the statement?

any ideas??  Keep in mind last year he had a real full size Outhouse standing complete with painted sign that read...."Obama's health reform sign up",  with painted arrow sign that said...."in the basement."    He had to remove it as our SD wind didn't let it stay upright for more than a week or two.   Maybe it was a passerby though come to think of it....


  1. rofl I dont know what the last photo means either lol

  2. Good thing he is big and loud. He certainly is brave.

  3. ROTFL!!! Oh my goodness, that is hysterical!! I'm cracking up just thinking about it! ;D

  4. I take it he's not an Obama fan then Deb LOL.