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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

and I think I found someone who will part with a couple of these!

Melodie at Laughing Duck Farm got me interested in these gorgeous little beauts!  I keep my goat population to a realistic few (several)...and I can fit a couple more.  I remembered a couple folks in the neighboring state that bought two of my Pyrenees pups this Summer, and she raised Angora goats.  Called and I think I'm on her list for two babies this Spring!  Aren't they amazing!  The gal even said she'ld drive to meet me when I how can you pass up that!?


  1. Besides donkeys, I love goats and sheep, they are sure very interesting little characters.

  2. Yeah Deb!I am so glad you found some and I am almost as excited about it as you are :) !!! I can't wait to see them,they are going to be so cute! You know they are addictive right? Do you have a spinning wheel?
    I am just in Spring time busy around here,I have plenty to post about but no time to do it! We have had hardly and winter so the early Spring has put me in that"got to get it done before it gets too hot" mode.Thankfully we are getting lots of rain! We are muddy up to our ankles! Haven't seen that in several years.

  3. Hey girly there is a little something at my blog for ya. I am following the rules LOL I am suppose to come tell you :O)