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Sunday, February 5, 2012

someone needs help...

I feel for these people and I know the fear of  cancer..
read her story  and help if you can.  When I went through the cancer treatment, I never wanted people to feel sorry for me, but I appreciated the compassion of people.  I didn't need any assistance during that time financially and for that I am lucky.  I have although,in my lifetime, needed financial assistance during other times and while we managed somehow, I feel when people are going through health issues, stress can be a life-taker.  It distracts from getting well and it can kill.  I'm giving....

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  1. Deb - thank you for your support and donation. Much gratitude and appreciation from this way. Thank you also for posting this link from your blog. Praying people keep finding my blog and having the desire and ability to help, even if in a small way. Yes, I never thought I'd be in this position and cancer does lead you to do things you thought you'd never do. Have a good week and thank you again!