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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a comment I posted on Texans blog

Thank you Texan and when I calm down, I will follow the rules!!

(below is a comment I left for Texan on her blog pretty much sums it up)

What a sweet thing! Big Thank You to you for thinkin of me, and today...I am presently running in circles. My daughter is in labor and I am suppose to be in the delivery room!!!!! YIKES...I've delivered all sorts of 4-legged creatures but a real live baby being born??, (yes, I was present for my own 5 children I birthed) BUT!! I am totally freaking out just a tad. I will definitely link some favorite peoples when I settle down. YIKES...I am seriously having a hysterical moment every now and then. Ok, suck it up Deb, you can do this!! Daughter-in law is also going into the delivery room with us. She is a photographer, I might show shear panic in the photos, but I promise to post a few...and crap...I better fix my hair.

 I went to work this morning to get a few things done at the office while we WAIT..I realized, thankfully before my tax clients started to arrive, that I was wearing a shirt on backwards.
Told ya,  I am a bundle of nerves...


  1. thinking of life is pretty much in turmoil right now and I can't focus on anything longer than five minutes....
    Good luck with the will do great...I know you will...

  2. Congrats on the award! And really BIG congrats on the new grand baby!

    Now,we will need details and pictures of this new grand baby! Grand babies are the only thing more exciting than baby goats:)!