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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I know it sounds weird...but

I think my husband had something to do with it...

Since Sunday morning this week, I have had a dilemna with some of my cattle.
With this last storm of approx 4 inches of gully washer, it did just that...washed out a gully.
Taking a low lying fence with it. I found this out when 11 of my cattle were missing, which included my bull....bad news.

I found them Sunday midday on a point on the big river. They were in a good spot to retrieve them when it cooled down, so left them.
Next morning, Monday, neighbor west of me showed up saying he had my cows in his back yard.
Now that is a hike, even for a cow, so got my son and the mule and headed to get them brought back. I see them , but missing 1 cow and 1 bull.....really bad news. Since cow has a calf and the calf is with the herd and just hoping the bull and her are together. Where I found the cows, they would of had to cross a herd of 200 or more other cattle...which...if anyone of them were looking for companionship, my Bull would be happy to oblige. So I got what ones I found and took them home, but the orphaned baby had nothing of it..he ran back bellering all the way to the river.
That night I got home from work and took the mule and went everywhere, (well everywhere I could get with a mule and hiking here and there) and using binoculars searched and searched. Found the orphaned calf, still bawling and alone, and finally found my bull. He was doing what he does best and I think a plane could of landed ontop of him and he wouldn't of noticed. He had all his attention on a many of the neighbors girls.
Tuesday,,same thing....looked and looked and looked some more, and finally coming to realize...the poor mamma must of slipped into the river and drowned or she fell in a hole and either was dying a painful death or broke something. I hadn't slept in a couple of days, and I WORRY BIG TIME!!! I see every scenario and feel horrible!!!
Wednesday (today) comes with someone wrapping on my front door at 5:45 AM. One of the construction road workers, who tells me I have a cow out!! What?? I said...was she brown?? He says " Yup, and really skinny" ..I quickly told him I have had one missing for several days...gosh I hoped it was her.
I practically ran out the door with him and drove down the road to see her standing outside the fence bawling and bawling. She was skin and bones and MUD everywhere....she had to of fallen into a sink hole and had to of sat there for the last few days. Poor girl, pretty dehydrated, but still , her calf is in the next pasture which is separated by a barb wire today..I hope she bawls enough to get his attention. Barb wire will not keep the baby from his Mamma, and tonite I will somehow get everyone together....all but the Bull...who has other ideas right now.

This is where my husband comes in. While I laid awake each night and worried about every possible possibility and thinking she may be suffering...I asked him to look out for her. Must of worked and I gotta know...he is there looking out for me and the kids. Now Greg if your watching,,,help me with that Bull....cuzz its gonna take an army to divert his attention!!


  1. So glad it is all working out..and I just bet things will work with the bull too! I know your Greg is is powerful,even after one is gone....

  2. WOW what eventful days you have had, glad everybody is home safe, well almost.Hope the Bull knows to where his heart belongs and comes to his senses.:)

  3. Oh man, how terrible you must've felt worrying about the cow! And searching, searching and imagining every possible bad scenario... thank GOODNESS she showed up! I don't doubt that Greg helped you... love is strong and knows no boundaries.

    I'm so relieved for you.

    But now ... the bull. Ay yi yi!

  4. Geez, talk about stress! Very happy to hear everyone has been found and other than the cow, in good health. Hmmm, about that bull of yours, well, maybe entice him with some grain and a picture of a real pretty cow! :)
    Like you I worry about all the scenarios that could happen.