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Monday, June 21, 2010

and Saturdays Surprise!

I make a very purposeful effort to MAKE sure there are no mishaps in breeding schedules with the goats....errr...well....I am almost 99% sure that my little fainter blue eyed buck has never left his all!! So to my surprise and my absolute SHOCK I walked outside to find this tiny little adorable sweet amazing little baby doeling with my young yearling " THE Perfect DAIRY Alpine doe "I saved this last year for breeding. Fully intending to breed her to my very nice Alpine buck...ahh much later this year. HOW IN THE WORLD???? What did she do anyway??..sneak over the fences and go to the movies with my little fainter in the cold of January and then go home all by herself?? I remember her in heat in January and February and then she settled right down, just like an Alpine should when they are NOT bred..because they like to breed more toward fall and don't cycle usually thru the year. Regardless, she sure is a cutey and since her Momma's name is Chitty....we might just name her Bang Bang!!

Blue eyes are a dead giveaway!! My fainter buck has not missed a beat and throws blue eyes on every baby he sires....even the ones he shouldn't! ;)


  1. Well what a surprise! She sure is a cutie! I bet her parents will never tell what happened,lol!

  2. What the??? CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Well now you have your Alpine dairy doe in milk! Will the little baby have the fainting gene? Inquiring minds want to know! Looks just like her Momma... awwwww

  3. Melodie
    She is just super cute and I will just HAVE to keep her...I wondered when something like this would happen

    Darn girl is so young...she has a bag the size of a grapefruit...but is a superb Momma.
    Also, I am going to test that fainting gene in about 2 weeks..seems to show up right about then :)

  4. What a sweetie, but she sure looks like her fainter daddy.