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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soap, soap and more soap

I have a head start for the weekend Farmers Market, and soaped up a storm.

Good thing for rainy days and storms ....because that is the only way I can be found inside this time of year!!

I made Orange peel soap and Red raspberry and Blue Jasmine and a really nice scent of Lemongrass and Macha Tea, which is just incredible. Lavender was a new one to me also and I added some lavender buds to that.

I also have a green spearmint and and really interesting experiment of Coffee Grounds/Cocoa and Morroccan mint!! The mocha coffee one looks like blended oreo cookie blizzard and I will definitely be using that one as soon as it cures! I especially have fun with the experiment soap, so if anyone has any ideas on mixing different ingredients, I would love to try it and who knows could earn yourself a really nice bar of goat milk soap!!


  1. Ok, you got me with all the flavours they look good enough to eat lol.Wow great job and so much variety.

  2. Wow,they all look and sound great! You are way more creative than me in soap making...I have only made a few types! I hope you sell every bar at the farmer's market!

  3. They are GORGEOUS! Love them! I love the idea of the coffee grounds soap... I could almost smell them....