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Thursday, June 24, 2010

all clear on the home front!

Camper/renter sent home to see his personal Dr....but he is getting around well.
Storm didn't scare the other camper, but he was second in charge so since the first guy was the Boss, seems someone has to step up.
Now we have gorgeous weather and the adjuster is coming on Saturday to check my roof and french door damage.
Most annoying thing about the storm was the fact that I left my window down about an inch on my pickup. The inside looked like it had been hosed. Roof to floor to door pockets completely satuarated. But the thing that really really really bothered me??
The started about midnight, the intermitent honking of the horn or alarm system. Possessed evil demon pickup, and by the time I or my youngest son would go hit the horn or hit the buttons it would quit.....for about 10-15 minutes. That kept up until 2:30 in the morning and I had decided to finally wise up and go take the battery cables off the posts. It had been raining and windy up until then and I didn't want to fight the hood of the pickup earlier. So I went out at 2:30 in the morning and started the pickup then got a brainy idea that running the heat and defrost on high could help dry out the controls. One hour later, I shut off pickup and went to bed...but I had been so tortured by being lulled into sleep only to have the alarm of the blaring horn...there was little sleep.
I stumbled through the entire day yesterday and now it seems I have LOST an entire day this week. I could swear its only Wednesday...isn't it. Also, walking to my car after work yesterday, I heard a horn honk. Totally had me freaked, and I really did whirl around expecting to see my pickup sitting there.....I think I need a nap!


  1. I sure hope you get much needed sleep. Between the storm, camper, damage and the alarm on your truck, you need a good long, undisturbed sleep!
    Glad everyone is ok.

  2. Sounds more like you need a vacation. Wow sure a lot of unwanted excitement....hope you are better today.

  3. Vacation!? Maybe a girls week-end is well over due. I believe Denver is calling!

  4. OK that was funny... it's like Stephen King's Christine! Yikes! I hate missing sleep.. you begin to feel so ... crunchy and can't think straight! Glad everyone is o.k... I was worried!