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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now ladies and gentlemen....that was definitely a storm!

Roof was heaving...the windows were billowing ...hail was pounding..the french doors exploded and water was everywhere. Then I heard a 747 landing on the roof. We were just heading to the basement when one of the camper/construction workers (who has his camper in my yard) was at the front door drenched and rattled beyond words. His camper was flipped and he took a ride. Couldn't see a thing outside, rain was unreal. So was the wind! Then the other camper was at the door and he lost windows and the hail and rain was drenching his place, but at least he was upright. First camper/construction worker was taken to the hospital, he was not feeling well at all.
I didn't lose power but, I am definitely keeping the doppler up on the internet.

Sounds like more is on the way through the night....could be a long one and tomorrow I assess the damage.
I just got inside and went out with flashlight to make sure all animals were safe and covered. They were all just relaxing high and dry!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! How scary! I am so glad you all and your critters are safe! If more is on the way please stay safe and let us know you are safe so we don't worry!

  2. Was it a tornado? Geez how scary is your weather! Glad everyone is fine. That sounds like quite the ride for the camper. Wow!!!

  3. Geez, Deb. I didn't realize you had such a horrible storm. We got a ton of rain and a small amount of hail with wind, but nothing like you got. Is your camper guy alright? If there's anything you need help with let us know. Did Colin's house get any damage?

  4. Holy COW! Everyone o.k. over there? What happened with the camper guy? Any damage to your place or animals? GEEZ... you take CARE of yourself... let us know you are o.k.!