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Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer blogging is just plain hard!!

I traveled to the cities to do a little cancer followup, then saw some sites. We've been having a fair amount of storms...but nothing severe. Planted a good share of garden, bottle calves are out in big pasture now. Chickens are growing...and starting to look pretty cool!! Got the second batch of chickens but they are freezer chickens...Sorry! The highway close to me is being redone and I have renters from the road crew staying in my back yard. I have finally mastered "Chevre"...Thank you Shanster!! I sent for some starter and it really is just that Simple! I am dog sitting for some good friends while they are in Washington DC (..he sure blends in with the bottle calves though...he is one big boy!) I have gotten to see my granddaughter only a couple times so far these last several months...and I need to travel alot more...I miss her!! The little girl who stayed with us this last winter is growing into a huge girl and is just as sweet as ever....I even think she remembers me!! and a million other goings on that are happening as I hopefully I get back to posting sometime soon. Believe me though, I check everyday on what everyone else is doing, and really enjoy seeing those. Good thing others blog better than me, I so enjoy reading everyone elses updates!!


  1. Your blogging is just fine, I love reading your blogs. Love all your pictures are always amazing and I love reading what others have to blog about, I have learnt so much. Keep up the great job you are doing. Looks like you are having a lot of stuff going on in your yard lol.

  2. Awww of COURSE she remembers you! You are worth remembering! yeah - summer = busy, busy, busy... I have a hard time blogging too! Cancer treatment went o.k? Still clean? I hope!!! We are going to get some freezer chix too this year. Someone told me rolled corn soaked in goat milk made for the bestest, moistest chix ever.

    Gonna try it once we lose some of the goat-lets. Right now they are sucking up all the milk.

    So happy you like the chevre... it's so yummy and so good and when you take it to potlucks or parties people always ooo and ahhh and it's just so simple it makes you blush that they think it's so hard!

    Happy summer!

  3. Tina, Always stuff going on here...yes..and thanks for the notice. I don't think too much I say is of much interest to others, but it sure makes for an excellent diary of sorts. I at least know where to look for birthing dates at least!!

    Shanster, Cancer check...CLEAN! Been 7 years now, but I still don't let my guard down. Sometimes the Dr.'s contact me, making me wonder if they're just waiting for something to happen. And I HAVE to remember that about the goat milk in chick feed...excellent! I was at our local feed store and they had some week old cornish meat birds they needed to get rid of, so as they were just .50 cents and I already had 45 at home...whats a dozen more right!!?? Gad have I got chickens coming out my ears right now. and the Chevre?? it WAS most excellent, I seasoned it with tomato basil herb..I even ate some on my eggs this morning!! :)