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Friday, June 18, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

I didn't see the "last momma due to calf" with the herd last evening. So we took the mule and one son and I did a driveabout/walkabout in the farthest reaches of the pasture. Yep....there she was standing in the most unsuspecting spot...with that far away look in her eyes. I walked her back to the barn and had son go open corrals so I could lock her up in the barn.

It was a walk...and with that I noticed all the signs along the way. Runny poop...lots of stopping to pee and a very noticeable disinterest in grazing ( and yes I am talking about the cow, not me). and yes...cows are just like goats...just alot larger!

I checked on her at 3 AM and no change..just snoozing and still nothing at 7AM. Went to work this morning and called young son at noon to go out and check her. He called shortly and said...she has stuff.

Well, I had to make the call to the "expert" calf puller now (son who lives down the road) and told him I am heading home and to meet me there.

When I arrived, he had her confined in a pen and we quickly made a plan to tie her to a pole on the barn and squeeze her in a makeshift chute. (that means we took a gate and made a V with the wall and the Gate. Seems simple....but cows are pretty massively strong.

We got lucky, and once I had the chains on the feet it only took a matter of several very long minutes. Again, I do NOT have the proper puller for cows, just chains. Seems my son will demand a very good puller next time. He will have muscles sceaming at him tomorrow and I think this time he may just write up a bill. It's gonna cost me on this one! Its a Girl and to date now, I have 9 boys and 3 girls. Too bad my cows don't all calf in the same month like normal ranches!! Someday I will have this down and get this right and whether my son knows it or not, he will be repaid just might be in beef!!



  1. Glad everyone and everycow made it through safe!Payment in steaks....sounds good to me!

  2. Oh man... the long labor march. I've never been in labor but I don't think I'd want to march anywhere! Congrats on another girl! Will you keep all your heifers?

    I love it..."there's stuff"...lookit the proud mama and her little gooey bundle. Awwww. It's wonderful!

  3. Shanster...and I do like to keep a few of my heifers. This one is a beauty, so yup...she stays.
    Pretty soon I WILL have 20 calves to sell all at the same time...I think that sounds like a good "Goal" to me!!