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Thursday, July 1, 2010

She is in the pampered section right now...

Momma is way too skinny and very very weak...I can't understand how she even got back to me!?? (well actually, I still have my idea on that one) But last night, I pushed her....literally...had to push from behind to make her go into the next pasture. Even while I pushed, she sometimes would stumble and fall to her knees. Poor poor girl, but then she saw the black herd of cattle and started I just stood back and watched. She bawled for several minutes and then the black cows were bawling back and walking toward her...sorta looked like they were telling some stories. Within a few minutes I heard the beller of a HUNGRY calf, no quiet beller, a REAL Beller this time and with that my Mamma cows ears perked up and she stepped quickly toward the herd.

That calf came out of a swarm of black cattle so quick and came running. While it went for the milk, it about knocked her down, but I could tell already she was settling down and going to thrive much much better with her baby found.
She's an exceptional Momma and with this being her first calf, she is extra special at it.
So the reason, I am keeping her right in my back yard with a daily ration of special grains and plenty of frosty cold water.
(note the mud still caked on her sides?...sure wish I talked her language, cuzz I want to know that story)

The thing about the calf though, it drank as much as she had to muster up for him and when that wasn't enough, he ran into my herd of Jerseys and stole the rest of his supper, leaving Momma standing there bawling for him to be careful. I think the calf definitely takes after his Dad in that respect, because it was another story getting him back in the pasture.


  1. Well after her ordeal she deserves some pampering. Wow the backyard...that must be like heaven....she needs to eat and eat and eat. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  2. I'm so glad she made it back. She's gorgeous and I'm so glad her baby is nippin' a little from a stray teat here and there to keep fat and sassy... man. That was a close one.

  3. What a happy ending! Just reading your words about momma and baby bawling to each other brought tears to my eyes! That momma was determined to get back to her little one no matter what!