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Monday, May 4, 2009

Promote the Goat!!

City-Wide Weekend Sale and I knew there was going to be alot of people out to compete with at our garage sale.

So I did many many signs...nothing like good advertising gimmick!!

I got this idea and took 4 babies into the sale with 1 who is leash trained but also a big Pet! She was my "Show Goat" !
Well... boy did I get the smiles from people. I had carloads of people with kids and could of made some money if I had charged for a picture of their kids holding a baby. Sure put people in a smiley mood! Then again 70 degrees and perfect weather helps!
It worked well and I even sold a couple. They aren't weaned yet and will be another month before they can have them but I sure did promote the Goat!


  1. What a comedian! Now that you're done "marketing" goats, let's get a rock hunting day planned. I'm getting anxious to get out and so something fun!

  2. Oh you are so SMART! I think this is the worst part about my goats... selling the babies. It's hard! I had a nibble the other day but she disappeared. A looky-loo I guess. :)