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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I need a vet!!

Sunday was a gorgeous day!! Put the horses out on pasture, then used Bobcat and cleaned corral and took from the compost pile a dozen loads of good dirt. Retilled all into the garden then planted tomatoes and put up a fence around it. I needed to get the goats moved to a large green area and as I did that, they all got a dose of wormer and a little pour-on and a toe manicure. I was pushing the envelope by 8 that evening. I wanted the horses back into the corral area and headed their way with a large 5 gal of crack corn ( as I am visualizing a really cold Bud). Milk cow saw me and came running behind me so I vaulted over the hay rack,,(well as much as a 50 yr old can vault) with the corn in one arm,,I swung it over first making sure to not let her get her head in the bucket and not lose a kernel. I came down like a bag of cement..on side of foot. Crack, snap and pop and next I knew,,I was reaching for my handy cell phone in pocket, after the white light had faded or course...calling son who was outside working on boat only a few hundred steps away. He showed up to escort me to golf cart which was waiting and I crawled my way up stairs into house. I wasn't going anywhere until I took a shower, then headed to the hospital. Well..all is better and I have no broken bones, just a good job on an ankle sprain! Anyone got any suggestions to make it heal faster??? like a week or so??? I got stuff to do!!!


  1. Let me start are 19 months past being fifty and what the $#@*!!
    I can see we plainly need to get you away from the "funny farm" for a little R & R. Slow meandering thru a nice rock bed would help for starters, followed by cold brews with sandwiches while sitting percariously between cactus on the above mentioned rock bed. Girl you gotta start taking better care of're my favorite fellow crazy woman!! :)

  2. ...but I was pretty focused on a beer when I hit the dirt!!! That is a good sign? Right??
    and I am getting close to slowing down on my personal work therapy that is suppose to help me know mentally at least!!

  3. Just a little FYI...trying to heal mentally while killing yourself physically does NOT constitute healing!!However being focused on beer IS sometimes a good thing! :)

  4. OUCH!!! So glad your son was close to home to help... that looks like it HURTS! Yikes. Now you have to keep your foot elevated and I'm sure the Doctor meant to perscribe cold, cold beer for the pain... self medication can be a good thing! Take care of yourself!

  5. Oh no, it looks like you will have to keep your foot elevated and apply an ice pack. Thank goodness for your son! Now rest,and heal gently-and yes, it's ok to now have a beer.

  6. I shattered my ankle in July 2008, slipped on a small incline, wearing crocs. Prior to that I had bad sprains like the one you have. Once you have the bad sprains, you a very susceptable to the broken ankle.

    So you can walk on it? You can put weight on it? I couldn't stand for mine to be in the DOWN position, kept it elevated with frozen vaggie bags on it.

    Gosh, good luck, I feel for ya.