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Thursday, May 7, 2009 I think someone is laughing's just not me right now!!

So, I have this plan this summer. 1. Build a barn/workshop.
Which requires much planning and zoning and calling people and finding the requirements.
I called the One Call Center, the one where you let them know you will be digging. I talked with "Noel" who was quite rude, amazingly rude and short with comments and completely disliking her job and People! Any answer I gave to her was replied with short and impatient statements. She was very sarcastic about finding our place, which is not hard to find, actually it is right beside a highway. Easy,,but there is a difference with North and South around here and I wanted to make sure she understood we were North. She argued all the directions as she was looking at...not a google map but "Their" own special map and it did not show me there!! I was very polite and patient and just let her snap at me. I kept repeating to did say this conversation was being recorded at the beginning of the automated call, before I was directed to her. So,,,I finally snapped at the end and Say" YOU, HAVE A GOOD DAY! I was pissed now.
I hung up and think, and decide to find the comment center and leave a negative. I called and couldn't contact a representative to talk to directly and decide to look up the contacts on the internet. I find it is directed and handled by our State REA Board, so go there. I find the president of the board and email a comment..stated much like this..
I have a compaint regarding the One Call Center.
"First I do realize that probable calls of individuals can be complicated and hard to understand. Dealing with information the operator must collect can be frustrating.
I called this morning to establish a time to locate at my residence.
I spoke with "Noel" , she was abrupt and very impatient with answers.
I was prepared with information required but her attitue and replys were very rude and she obviously is tired of her job.
I am giving you my confirmation # and request you look into the recorded conversation.
If I were an older individual with complicated situations, it would of been a nightmare.
Her replies were tactless and unnessecary.
Please accept this complaint as an opportunity for improvement.
Thanks ( and included my phone number for contact)"

OK now, a few days later, I get a call from a supervisor.
She started by saying she reviewed the tape and was "Horrified" she also Apologized profusely and was just simply and absolutely Horrified..repeating that several times.
I was quiet. I thanked her for her time and said I hoped they could rectify the problem.
She replied saying she was afraid of the confrontation with this girl herself..which made me snort. Now come on, can you believe a supervisor would be afraid of an employee?? or are they that short handed?? Wow...I just said Thanks for your time, and wonder if it was followed up.

The Rest of the story.

Ok, Erin....she is a sweetheart...she is a helper...She is handicapped...! She is home while I am at work with two other siblings. One is 26the other is 24. Someone is always there. Although Erin is not physically handicapped, her condition puts her around the sometimes 4 yr old mentality and then hops around at 30 yrs old. She is simply Erin!!
Well,,I was milking the cow last night and resting my cheek on Maples soft fur with the sun beating down. Erin helps me, by watching and petting stuff and hanging out. She is incredibly good at picking up all loose string and wrap from bales and broken pieces of wood and any other thing that may seem like garbage.
She walked by the fence and I see she is taking things to the trash. A bundle of things...ARRRRGGGHHH!!! EEEERRRRRIIINNN!!!
She has pulled all the flag markers from the acreage....ALL of them.!!!
The call I had made brought the Electric company and they had marked the lines...The Water was marked...the phone lines ...marked...the gas line marked!! Now all the flags are resting in a pile on my front steps!!
Well,,,would anyone want to Call the Center for me...her name is NOEL!!!


  1. Give me the information...I'd LOVE to make the call for you! I've learned lots of PEOPLE skills since I've been here!!

  2. Snort!! Snort!! I am sure you could handle it!!!

  3. OOPS! Maybe a different representative will answer next time. Maybe? At the One Call Center, isn't the person answering supposed to be in Customer Service? As in, helping the customer? Good luck next time.

  4. Wow - how FRUSTRATING!! And esp. with everything you hear about the economy - if they are short handed, I'm sure someone else would be HAPPY to have Noel's job. Geez.

    Oh man... you poor thing! It's sort of funny that Erin helped SO much, but .. oh ... the idea of that call again? Yikes.

  5. I was wondering what those flags were from..