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Friday, May 15, 2009

babys first shoes! was ready. Took him home at noon and took a couple of photos. Looks good, he is rocking on his back legs like he should and will be kicking up his heels before I know it. He added a sort of cement type extention to the hoof while adding a stint in the heel of the foot, which is pushing the hoof straight.

Wish now, I had taken a video of the way he walked before and then get one in a few weeks to remind me the difference. I was worried the stretching would be painful and cause him to not want to stand again for a few days, but it seems the opposite, he has better balance and has quite forgotten he has an abnormalty...Looks Good...and in the first photo, I think he is still trying to cause me least he doesn't weigh that much.....yet!!


  1. WOW, what a difference the shoes make! That's incredible. I'll bet he just gets stronger every day. Is he taking his bottle better now?

  2. drinking like a champ now..and running around and kickin up his heels. He still walks a little like a newborn, but she sure is getting alot more excercise.

  3. That is so great for him! What a difference. You are awesome!