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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not so Hired Hands..

My two daughters were helping me outside. I mostly have them fill water tanks and help with baby goats and calves. I was moving a bale of Oats hay out of the feeder and wanted to put a bale of Alfalfa in the rack. I had asked the girls to pull the net wrap from under the pile of loose...well mostly loose..straw. It was a two girl job....and after watching them struggle for a bit...I decided it was a good photo opportunity. Wish I had the camera out when I was trying to convince Erin to get on the Golf Cart and steer while I pushed it back up to the house with the Bobcat. I had her on the cart for about 3 secs....once...and she baled off after I had pushed it for about 5 feet. Was pretty comical, as Colin had stopped what he was doing outside and Nicky stopped in her tracks, just watching to see if Erin really would do it. You see...Erin is a very sturdy girl...but is...well..Erin!!


  1. What a lovely view you have! Nice to have your children helping you out... we have to pay neighbor's to borrow theirs. :)

  2. Let's see...Erin driving while you are pushing her with the Bobcat! I think I would have bailed too! Erin knew excatly what she was doing,she probably thought that you were running over her. And by the way...shouldn't you be working instead of blogging? Just asking.

  3. the post was mostly for the daughter with the impatient look on her I was barking orders...she scowled. I told her that could end up on the blog and she threatened me with a few photos on facebook. Darn Kids!!
    on the view? I am in the middle of nothing and love every minute of it. The missouris river is what you are seeing and it is briming right now. Best we've seen in 10 years!!

  4. and Sharon..the rest of the folks here don't blog, so they think I am working working working..

  5. Few photos on facebook? Theres just one on there, and notice I didn't make the comment on that pic. One of your nieces did. lol.
    What am I doing in that first pic anyway? The robot??
    You forgot to mention when Erin got off the golf cart when you were pushing it with the bobcat & she was steering & decided to push it instead. Should've had a pic of that.