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Friday, May 22, 2009

Just in time!!

I was worried about one of my first time mom-to-be's and noticed her trying to find a private spot to lay down this morning. I had to go to work and get a few things done and she looked like it was going to take a little time yet, so headed in. I didn't stay long and headed home around 10, just too nervous about leaving one unattended. Got home to see her laying flat out and straining. It looked like her water had broken within the last half hour and no feet showing. I paced a bit and she got up and down a couple more times. Within half an hour I saw feet and no nose,,so waited a time and could see she was just having alot of trouble with the size of this one. Called the son....who came out within 10 minutes and between the two of us...we managed to get the head to shift and out. Big Bull calf and all is well. Now I have pettable cows and noticed she was already talking to her baby before it was born and she should of been used to me. All that time we were all over her pulling and getting the afterbirth on me...but....after she stood and had 10 minutes of cleaning already into it, she took a look up at me and without any "Thank You for Saving my Baby" she put her head down to give me the "Get back or I will knock you into next Week" snort. Man...those new Mommas can be something now can't they!!


  1. THAT is all you need after your lip and your ankle - to be butted into next week! And I thought pulling kids could be difficult... I imagine a cow is 10x stronger and those uterine contractions? .... yeeeOUCH!

  2. New Mamas are protective and can be very fierce! Just the way they are supposed to be. I'm glad your son came to help(again!)-he's super. I'm also glad you now have a new, big, pretty calf.