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Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Soaping Day!

Soapy Clean scent with 1 part Black Currant/Pomengrante and 1 part Lime EO.
Wheewwwyy,,,did it attract some noise from the kids! Pretty powerful fragrance, but since I know it mellows out now, I should have a wonderful smell after it cures. I froze the milk pretty hard this time, and sprinkled the Sodium Hydroxide very very slowly. I got the creamiest and most irredescent color of mellow milky white milk I have ever had. It was like melted pearls. I really am excited about trying some other smells. This color is blended with Apricot Blush. The other soap I made earlier in the morning was a blend of Grapefruit Oil and SweetGrass! That was an amazing smell also. I really like the smell of SweetGrass. I think tonite I will try a Tea Trea Oil with SweetGrass for a really natural scent next. I am at least getting alot braver in adding some colors. I found a flower press at the 2nd hand store and next we will be hiking for some neat little flower buds and natural grasses to add...SHARON. I think the press could come in pretty handy for ScrapBooking too!! How gorgeous to have a little something added for "Bling" to the soap and a good reason for a hike also :D


  1. You are so brave! I'm a huge chicken about mixing scents together. I always think I'll make something way too stanky.. we need to mix up a batch o' soap soon. All we have left is some scrubby soap that I put some cornmeal in... my husband thinks it's too scratchy but I like it. Post pictures of your soap with the flower press! I wanna see!

    Also CONGRATS on the nice milky white color!! I never can keep it white - goes yellow on me.

    I used cinnamon once - not the scent but real cinnamon - in a batch and it turned it a deep, dark scabby red... it was sorta cool actually. The heat process must've reacted with the cinnamon??

  2. I used the cinnamon the second time I made soap and it was the darkest brick red brown color..actually pretty too. It is surprising how mellow the scent gets after time. Post some of your stuff...wanna see!!

  3. I don't have any right now! I like to make soap but only do it a couple times a year cuz it makes so much... we are in dire need o' some of our soap but yes, I'll definately post when I do it! I can't wait to see your flower press!

  4. I need to get the little goat shaped form to you. It's pretty small but I think it would make neat soap in a dish.
    Just let me know when you're ready for a hike. I'm dying to get out and look for rocks. We need to find that vein of quartz again.

  5. Melted pearls. What a beautiful image!

    Thanks for visitng Casa Hice and leaving such a sweet comment. I always look forward to hearing from you. I need to check up on your diet progress... how's it going?

  6. Your soap sounds great!

    Thank you for your comments regarding the buckling that I lost. I feel the same way, always ready for the dissapointments. I feel there is a reason for everything, we just have to look inside sometimes to find it.

    A flower press. I hope to read more about that. I remember pressing violets when I was a child, in books, because I thought they were too pretty to waste away.